Just the Facts - About Weight Loss

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Today's topic is about weight loss. So many people are fighting obesity today, and despite the many success stories, countless books, endless magazine articles, it seems weight loss, dieting and slimming remain a problem and concern for so many people. If you are struggling with weight control and want to take control of your health problems, too, its important to recognize that healthy weight loss is possible, but requires commitment, dedication and perseverance. Instead on focusing on slim-fit jeans, think about how you want to feel when you can walk up a hill without being breathless, or if you'd like to be able to chase after your grandchildren without worrying about a heart attack! If you're serious about getting healthy and gaining a better lifestyle through weight control, do read on for some tips on gaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Just the Facts - About Weight Loss 

1. Concentrate on creating a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, not just a short-term diet - you are aiming for long-term health and a gradual, healthy weight loss. Fad diets cause yo-yo weight loss, which in the long term affect your metabolism and self-confidence. 

2. Watch what you eat – 3 healthy meals & 1-2 small snacks is the maximum each day
It's very easy to fall into the trap of constant snacking. Often we don't eat for sustenance, but because we are bored, stressed or just have a snacking habit. Learn to replace empty calories in snack foods with healthy nutritional snacks like nuts and fruits. Keep a water bottle handy, and drink from it all day to stave off hunger pangs. 

3. Get up and move (walk, hula hoop, do aerobics or swim) for 30 minutes a day. No excuses!
Exercise not only ensures you burn excess calories, but helps keep your blood circulated, your skin hydrated and your mind active. If you can't find the time for 30 minutes of activity, sneak in 10-15 minutes any time you have the chance, all the small bursts of activity add up!

4. A healthy lifestyle plan, including times for meals, amount of water to be consumed, and type of daily exercise, has proven effectiveness.
Knowing what you have to do in advance helps you be prepared for the natural disinclination to do exercise or choose the healthy food for lunch. Deciding what food you will eat each day, what times to eat, what activity you are going to do, will help you to feel in control of your life, and better enable you to stick to it. 

5. Eat in moderation instead of calorie counting. Choose wholesome, unprocessed foods and smaller portions, eating slowly and enjoying the meal. 
Calorie counting can be very effective for some dieters, but most people find it too much hassle to keep writing down and working out the calories in every singe meal, snack, drink, etc that they eat. Often, it also makes they overly concerned with every food choice that they make, to the point that meals become depressing and inconvenient, causing them to abandon their efforts altogether. Instead, eat well, but in moderation, choosing smaller portions of food you really enjoy. 
Dying for fried chicken? Make it an occasional treat, and pack half away for later. Can't resist the curry? Don't cover your plate with a large serving, but leave plenty of room for healthy accompaniments like vegetables and fruits. Can't refuse the birthday cake? Ask for a small sliver or share with a friend, and take your time eating it. 
Drinking plenty of water, both before and during the meal will help you to slow down and eat less, too. Take the time, savour the taste, feel and texture of the meal as you eat it, giving your stomach time to register fullness, and the brain time to enjoy the meal so you can eat less, yet feel satisfied. 

--- Cosmetic Medicine, MD

Dr. Liow Tiong Sin is an aesthetic practitioner who practices in Kuala Lumpur and Melaka, Malaysia. He has more than 12 years of expertise with non-surgical cosmetic treatments, and conducts training courses for other doctors from all around Asia. 
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