The Eyes Have It - Younger Eyes Nonsurgically

When you look at a person's face, the eyes are always the focal point. Sadness, joy, delight, disgust, anger, fear, outrage or indifference, the eyes show us emotions, expressions and are a pivotal clue to our body language.
The eyes are not just a window to your soul, but  also  an indicator of your health, stress level and physical well-being

The eye area is also very easily affected by stress, whether from illness, fatigue, emotions or environmental factors. This stress, combined with the constant movements of the muscles surrounding the eyes contributes to wrinkles, crepe-like skin, crow's feet, eye bags and under-eye circles.

Effects of aging and stress on the eye area - 

Addressing the problem - The Madonna Eyelift

The Madonna Eyelift is named after the famous pop star, who had the procedure done to improve her eye area. The results are very dramatic, giving you years off your age, and refreshing and brightening your looks.

Madonna Lift: An Alternative to Eyelid Surgery?
Can you believe Madonna is 54 years of age?
Her eyes don't give her age away.
The technique involves a fractional laser procedure in the upper and lower eyelid areas, which leaves skin tightened, lifted and smoothened. The procedure takes only 10 minutes to do both eyes, and about 3 -5 sessions may be necessary for optimal results.

Just as fractional lasers help to restore collagen, smoothen skin surfaces, and erase fine lines on the facial area, it works in the same way on the eye area. It is important to note that the technique has only been proven on certain fractional lasers, and specialized training is required for any doctor who is doing the procedure.

Watch Dr. Bruce Katz, the pioneer of the Madonna Eyelift, do this procedure -

The Madonna Eyelift is a minimally-invasive, low downtime procedure that gives you a refreshed, brightened eye area, with results that are very rarely seen with topical creams and serums, for example.  Botox, fillers, thread lifts and surgery can be used in conjunction with the Madonna Eyelift in severe cases.

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